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How Our Food
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Ramen, a comforting dish that takes me on a journey. When I think about ramen, I see a source of joy. Growing up in a first-generation Chinese family where everything was often too expensive, ramen became my go-to meal. I’ve always had a passion for cooking, and from a young age, I’d try to whip up something delicious for myself and my family.

At the age of 5, I started my culinary experiments with ramen. I’d boil the noodles, add soy sauce, toss in a seasoning packet, and stir vigorously. It was a journey filled with trial and error. Sometimes the noodles turned out overcooked or undercooked, but I didn’t give up. Eventually, I got the texture just right, and that filled me with happiness. I had created a dish that I felt proud of.

Another moment of immense satisfaction came when I was 10. My mother fell seriously ill and was bedridden. Meals could only be delivered to her. I decided to take care of her and prepare some ramen. By then, I had improved my ramen skills, adding a fried egg, Bok choy, and various seasonings. She was thoroughly impressed and praised me for making the perfect bowl.

My family has always been my inspiration, from the ones who raised me, to the family I have now. Being creative in the kitchen can be challenging, but the thought of making something delicious for them makes it easier. I like to think outside the box when it comes to food, while still respecting traditional methods and paying tribute to the past.

In this world filled with a melting pot of different cuisines, I hope to explore new ways to enjoy ramen while keeping its roots intact. Thank you for trying something I made, a dish that carries my history, and I hope to share my story with everyone through my food.

-Chef Will Fung

Ramen Noodles